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5 Ink Sample Case

5 Ink Sample Case

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Take color with you with this super compact easy to travel mini ink case like you have not seen it yet!
You can now carry a sample of your TOP 5 inks! Write on the top sheet to catalogue them.

The 5 Ink Sample Case includes:
- 5 numbered mini bottles ( oz)
- 1 mini glass dropper
- 2 extra catalog sheet

ALSO AVAILABLE with a set of Monarca Ink preloaded.
Set 1: "Semidesierto" - Tierra Colorada, Cielo Cruel, Cardona and Nopal
Set 2: "Caribe" - Mar Caribe, Arena Blanca, Manglar, Cenote.
*Both sets include "Rey Jaguar"

Please specify in the messages the set you will like to include if you buy the case with inks.

3.7 inch
2.3 inch
1.06 inch

3.3 inch
1.9 inch
0.3 inch


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