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9 Color Mini Palette

9 Color Mini Palette

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Ideal for those who want to draw/paint on the go.

Create a custom palette inside empty little holes. All you have to do is fill them with your favorite watercolor. Simply fill the spaces with your favorite tube watercolors, let them dry, and then re-moisten them when you're ready to paint.

A great gift for professional artists, travel sketchers, students, beginning painters, etc.

The 9 color mini palette includes:

- Mini bottle spray
- 30 watercolor sheets (these stay in place with 2 little magnets)
- 1 mini trimmed paintbrush (a trimmed version of a regular brush. Brush size may vary)
- Water resistant interior and exterior finish

- Leather cover for the palette that looks like a tiny backpack that has many features such as: loop for a tiny bottle for water to clean your brushes along with a loop for a little piece of craft napkin, a “enjoy the journey” keyring ( may vary) and a loop to hang it on any type of strap to carry it with you everywhere.

Stays open at any angle

Dimensions of the mini palette:
1.75 x 2.6 x .8 inches

*Doesn't come with paint*
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