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Vintage Toolbox

Vintage Toolbox

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Drawer Configuration
Its definitely hard to describe, but its a small set of drawers ( choose 3 or 4 ) and a canvas cover with side pouches where you can store and carry enough tools for serious creative tasks. Great when you need to move your tools from your desk to the dining table, or to a creative meeting away from home, and sorry, it will be hard being unnoticed. The leather top handle makes it easy to just grab it and has a secret sliding lock mechanism in the back to lock the drawers so then don't open during transportation, also comes with a free mini-keylock so you feel safe no one has been looking or touching your most treasured tools.
It's made of recycled fiberboard and finished with black matte paint and hand rubbed for a vintage distressed look. Choose from 2 configurations: a) 4 small drawers or b) 2 small drawers and 1 large drawer ( double height for taller items like ink bottles, etc.). One of the small drawers comes with black velour pen tray with 8 slots for storing pens ( removable ) . Additional trays can be purchased separatedly to store up to 64 pens in the 4 drawer configuration.

- Removable 8 pen tray with black velour ( can be placen on any of the drawers ).
- Metal pull Handle with integrated tag to categorize contents on each drawer.
- Hidden drawer locking mechanism with key lock.
- Leather handle
- Removable black Canvas cover with side pockets for notebooks and other items ( scissors, ruler, paint tubes, brushes, etc.), cover secures with elastic ribbon under the base.
- 4 metal feet ( you can place a second unit on top of each other )
- 3 or 4 drawers depending on configuration ( please choose when ordering )

Made with:
- MDF ( medium density fiberboard ) Also available on Walnut wood ( +155 usd )
- Heavyweight cotton canvas ( 10 oz. )
- Black matte painted and hand rubbed for a vintage distressed look.
- Metal hardware (antiqued bronce)

Dimensions of the box:
Exterior: 8 inch x 7.75 inch x 8 inch
Small drawers (interior): 6.5 inch wide x 7 inch deep x 1.75 inch tall
Large drawer(interior): 6.5 inch wide x 7 inch deep x 3.5 inch tall

Weight: 2.2 kg / 4.4 lb

*Does not include instruments shown in photos.
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